Devil child's name and job

Well apparently the devil had a child? Want to know who and what their jobs. Come see the evil they are always tempting humans, we refer to the book "Devil's Trap" by Ibn Jauzi very vividly reveals the cunning of Devil.

So after reading this article my friends will know who the devil are my kids often tempt us, our brothers and our fathers mother ...

Check yes, do not forget to remember so that we can prevent children machinations devil, and here are the names that we get from the hadith of ibn Mujahid Zaib, "He said," the demon has five children, each of which is assigned its own anal, then she gave a name to them ":

1. Tsabr: He is a calamity that the carrier was ordered to destroy, tear out the pocket when people grieve, slapping their cheeks and greeting-ucapa ignorance that comes out of their mouths when sad or in the accident.

2. A'war: He is the bearer of adultery! Demon child who bernawa A'war sent humans to perform fornication, sinners and tend to things that lead to sexual attraction both on and kind of the opposite sex. And while many people had committed adultery and then proudly glorifies adulterous / think good and in accordance with the development of modern times. And please understand, that in fact they are A'war whispered.

3. Miswath: He is the bearer of lies, who heard something and then he went to someone and tell him what he was hearing. Then he met the people, he said, "I've seen someone who still remember his face but I did not know his name, he told me such and such"

4. Dasim: His job was to infiltrate in a person when he met his family, and she appeared in her eyes reproach them (in hadapanya) so that it makes people angry.

5. Zaknabur: He is the master of flying its flag market market-market (both traditional market shopping malls or big city)

From Mukhallad ibn al-Husayn, he said:

"It is Allah ordered the servant to something, but the devil hinders the two cases, and he does not care where he will be successful influence, whether exaggerated manner, whether disparaging manner."

So beware, O comrades will intrigue young children who without we realize the devil has deceived us to worship Allah, they who constantly whisper to our ears and seemed to continue to "hear" his voice in the head and back of our minds.

Source: Devil's Trap, Ibn Jauzi, Pustaka Al Kautsar.


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