What Is Google Webmasters Tools?

Google webmasters tool is a service provided by Google as one of the search engine / serch engine which is dominant in the world. To gain access to this service we must first have an account at Google for instance your Gmail account (now pake yahoo / Ymail also can).

Here we can register or claim one or more sites / blogs belong to us or that we manage. However, to prove that we are a site owner / blog we must first verify your site / blog with the verification method is determined by Google. Here there are different ways duam verify a site / blog that is:

* Verification of Meta Tags
the verification method in which we must insert the meta tag script yag already given Google into the script site / blog.
* HTML Version
the verification method in which we must make a specific HTML page title / her title was select by Google

After one of the ways we do so above the official ownership of a site / blog will be recognized by google, and we'll get some useful facilities to monitor the SEO site / blog. Some of the facilities in question include:

* Submit sitemap
that is sending us a site map so that the pages of your site / blog we can be optimally indexed by Google

* Query search
know of any keyword of people accessing our site from google search

* Backlink
know the number and sites / blogs that provide backink to our site

* Removing the old URL has expired and still there are some other facilities.
If you have a blog / site and not yet listed in google webmasters tool to register the website / blog so you can monitor your SEO site or blog.

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