Super Bookmarking to Promote Your Web

What is social bookmarking? Social bookmarking is a web service that is provided for internet users to store, manage, search, and republish the web page addresses meets. Unlike the features Bookmark / Favorites on your web browser can be used to save a list of web addresses on the local computer users, Social Bookmarking allows storage of a list of web pages online.

Generally social bookmarking service allows users to provide additional information such as comments, tags or categories, and a short description of the web page indicated.

Today has also developed methods that allow web pages that have been in-bookmarking by a rating given by users to other users (such as voting), which shows the level of popularity of a web page address in the bookmark service. Sample sites were Bookmarking Social Bookmarking services are DIGG, Yahoo! Buzz, IndoFeed, Lintasberita, Infogue, Kombes Bookmarking...


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