I am A Surveyor..

Well, this is a life journey of a human child. Time continues to turn, until today I still love the world. Currently I am still busy world wrestle censuses and surveys, a lot of unique things from a job that does not keep this (though not fixed but rather a survey once a friend). Understandably, Bener nyari currently working very hard, that does not know provide government employment or my many lazy looking for work ..

Benefits Survey:
- Know all areas of Indramayu, to even remote villages
- Getting to know many of the characteristics of people, rural women are also met the same. Hehe
- Brave, not shy anymore (used to be really shy me)
- Clever seduce people to the interview (such as sales z)
- Recognize the mass base of every candidate in every district
- Know the villagers complain about the village
- Photos together with the villagers, their happy. Hehe
- And many others

What makes Lazy Survey:
- If you can Indramayu Remote areas
- RAIN, if the heat does not matter
- Return kemaleman
- Motorcycle Tire Leaks
- Risk Driving at a busy highway
- Always asked on the street
- Etc.

Overall I sukuri Even so, maybe this is destiny, a path to success the world and the hereafter.

Already a lot of experience doing the survey as a Partner ane BPS (Badan Pusat Statistik, ISC (Indramayu Survey Center) and Last YEPI (Yayasan Eksplorasi Potensi Indonesia).

Experience - Experience:

BPS partners:
- Labour Force Survey
- Survey of Construction
- Manufacturing Survey
- Non-Profit Companies Survey Oriented
- Census of Population 2010
- Census of Agriculture
- Mapping
- Also, the Census Entrimen BLT Program, Death Live Help
- Also Entrimen Agricultural Census

- Survey of West Java gubernatorial election
- Legislative Candidate Survey Election Part 1
- Legislative Candidate Survey Election Part 2
- Legislative Candidate Survey Election Part 3
- Entrymen

- Survey Indramayu Regent Selection Part 1
- Survey Indramayu Regent Selection Part 2
- Survey Indramayu Regent Selection Part 3
- Survey Indramayu Regent Selection Part 4
- Entrymen

YEPI, Yayasan Eksplorasi Potensi Indonesia, is a foundation that is one of the activities Survey, with branch activities in the given name LENSA Independent Survey institutions led by chairman Mr Akhmad Sugandi Foundation.

Regent Selection Documentation Survey Phase 3, Month June-July 2010:

Wiwi Perkasa Hotel Indramayu, Training Events

Wiwi Perkasa hotel room where the training

Iam time goto the survey in the Larantarung Village, Cantigi, Indramayu

Peer One Team one motorcycle, Mr. Sugeng When dealing with Respondent

At home Kanapi Home, the Field Coordinator, where the evaluation meeting

Closing Ceremony, Eat in Lamongan, SC Tridaya Indramayu


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