How To Disable Autorun In Windows XP

Computer we've probably got a virus or often. Although it may be reved by antivirus or manually, our windows registry has become corrupted as a result. There is a new event is completed to re-install a computer virus has been directly hit. And maybe we feel have never clicked on suspicious files. The reason is that there is a virus that is programmed to direct the running (autorun) when we insert data via a flash disk, floppy disk etc.. Examples of this autorun virus such as etc.
Do not worry! Because the facility autorun (autoplay) windows can be turned off.

- Start and select run

- Group Policy window opens, select the menu on the left side of Computer Configuration »Administraitive Templates» System

- Then on the right side window left click twice on the turn off autoplay

- Then will appear the windows turn off the autoplay properties

- Then setting turn off the radio button is enabled, and set for all drives (All drives)

So, before the copy and paste in flasdisk scanned first with antivirus like avira or trusted antivirus of your choice
good luck, may not be exposed to the virus again


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